An effective 1:1 method for feeling better, focused on
helping you master the specific skills + tools you need.


The fresh start I craved to untangle my pain puzzle and feel better, finally.
— Ali
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  • Begin again. Find a best, safe resting position that you can stay in comfortably.

  • Distinguish “bad pain” from other sensations, so you know when to back off or keep exploring.

  • Set clear goals for your pain recovery, from personal wellness assessments and profile.

  • Begin your back pain recovery with the right movements and breath sequenced for you from therapeutic yoga and somatics.

  • See and shift habits that have been limiting your fitness and recovery.

  • Incorporate simple, “stealth” body-mind tools to reset anywhere you are: at home, work, traveling.

... notable improvement and deep relaxation.
— L
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  • Apply the “vagal brake” to move from hyped and wiped to aptly energized.

  • Find your right breath to decrease inflammation and boost physical performance and mental focus.

  • Build your body sensing and proprioceptive skills to decrease fatiguing pain.

  • Begin dynamic, functional movements to complement your reset practices, and to ignite your energy.

  • Build a purposeful routine to sleep better and be more rested.

  • Determine simple daily choices (like how you exercise, eat, play) that conserve and build energy and stamina.

The progress was not overnight but over weeks with a careful combination of behavior changes and daily movements that reduced pain triggers, improved strength and gave me confidence to become more active.
— Adrian

stabilize + strengthen

  • Experience how body strength begins from the inside out.

  • Develop the deepest layers of inner belly muscles that hold you up.

  • Master “low + slow” movements that grow the intelligence of stabilizing muscles.

  • Replace unhelpful “crunching” and “stretching” with new ways of moving, to engage vital yet often deconditioned muscles (diaphragm, transversus abdominis, multifidae, others).

  • Align your standing, sitting, walking or running around a steady, strong center and confident core.

  • Breathe  to tone the diaphragm and support the spine, relieving upper body “accessory muscles” of incorrect breath patterns that worsen back and neck tension.

  • Identify and remedy the key imbalances and postural habits that add to your pain pattern.

Now that I know exactly what to do for my back and body, I even went trekking in New Zealand and took walking trips in Europe!
— Sarah
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  • See yourself once again as capable, inspired, healthy.

  • Start saying yes again to professional opportunities, and time with family and friends.

  • Not only recover but start preventing pain. Take care of business, lift the kids, wiggle, work out, and play safely without pain, fear of flares or re-injury.

  • Manage your energy reserves before they are depleted.

  • Change your relationship to pain, tension, fatigue, and suffering.

  • Wake refreshed and move through your days capable and energized.

With Rachel’s guidance, I released painful patterns of holding and learned new ways of moving. I have become stronger in ways that are subtly but deeply empowering. I feel energized in my body and grateful for Rachel’s warm, personalized approach.
— Pat


During your Complimentary Intro Call, we create a plan that works for your goals, location, and schedule in person at my San Francisco office. From your very first session, I take you through assessment and practice sequences so you know you are doing them correctly, and we build from there!

The RE/ST Foundations program, with two months of in-person and TeleSessions, is ideal if you’re ready to feel better, develop confidence in your custom pain recovery toolbox, and know now is the time to make this a priority. Once you master RE/ST, you will have the option to refine and sustain with me in ongoing sessions.


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the RE/ST Method™

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