pain recovery

If you arrive tired, in pain and tension— often having tried other remedies without success, I meet you where you are. My approach is integrative— and connects rest, movement, and pain recovery.

Working with Rachel, I learned the power of good habits where even a few minutes a day of the right kind of movement and mindfulness can make a huge difference. I’m feeling less pain, more energy, and a sense of empowerment— like I have control over my own health and wellness.
— Peter

take action

When you feel that tug or ache, you’ll know what to do and what not to do. You’ll untangle the pain puzzle. Test out new ways to maximize relief and prevent future pain, find a stronger center, and build inner strength.


The RE/ST Method™

Re-set / Energize / Stabilize + Strengthen / Transform


Even superheroes need downtime to recover!

If you want to feel strong, vital, and clear— productive at work, present with family and community, and able to do activities you love— take action now.

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