What Clients Say
about working with ME

You are a genius, Rachel. This is the first morning in 2 months that I’ve woken up without pain. And I know what to do for my 5-hour plane flight...! 🙏
— Pat

Peter, Dad/Executive:

“I developed chronic back pain that was impacting my quality of life. I went to a number of doctors and practitioners of various kinds and wasn’t feeling any better. It was getting in the way of both work and play— especially the play with my three young kids who wanted Daddy time. At work as an executive, the flares of pain and stiffness were reducing my productivity and making it harder to travel. Through working with Rachel, I learned the power of good habits, where even a few minutes a day of the right kind of movement and mindfulness, of true self-care, can make a huge difference in chipping away at chronic pain. I’m feeling less pain, more energy, and a sense of empowerment— like I have control over my own health and wellness. Rachel is experienced, patient, empathic and non-judgmental, and she was good at developing a program that fit my unique needs. My time in yoga therapy with her has definitely put me on a better path, and I recommend it to anyone.”

Pat, Community Leader:

“Yoga Therapy with Rachel has been transformative. With her guidance, I released painful patterns of holding and learned new ways of moving. I have become stronger in ways that are subtly but deeply empowering. I feel energized in my body and grateful for Rachel’s warm, personalized approach, which has been both healing and nourishing.”

Rachel’s uniquely individual approach has given me control of my back health which had been a problem for years.
— Adrian

Adrian, Dad/Engineer:

“Rachel’s uniquely individual approach has given me control of my back health which had been a problem for years. I arrived with debilitating back pain, missing work days, and unable to lift reasonable weight without consequences. Worst of all, I had no understanding of what to do to make things better.

“Rachel spent significant time asking questions, listening and taking extremely detailed notes to build a picture of health. She then created a gentle program for me, and continued to customize and improve this over our entire time— based on feedback and my increasing goals. The progress was not overnight but over weeks with a careful combination of behavior changes and daily movements that reduced pain triggers, improved strength and gave me confidence to become more active. Six months later, this culminated in me getting back to what I love with a huge smile— playing recreational soccer, getting back on my surfboard (on small days!) and carrying both kids throughout Heathrow Airport after a long flight. Rachel continued to work on my overall health— always providing advice on sleep, managing energy throughout the day and dealing with stress.

“My daily routine became a ritual that I would not miss no matter where I am. I feel very lucky to have someone so incredibly knowledgeable on all health matters and so open minded in my corner— who genuinely wanted and worked to give me best chance possible to live a healthy physical and spiritual life.”

I did not have any experience with yoga, so we began very slowly. Much to my amazement, I began to notice that my back was not hurting as much and eventually not at all.
— Joyce

Sarah, Executive/Now Retired:

“I was looking for help with lower back pain, and my therapist referred me to Rachel with a glowing recommendation. At the time, frustrating pain limited me in basic things like bending to feed the cat and tie my shoes. Rachel listened carefully to emotional and physical issues in my healing. Her helpful reminders, clear and personal instructions, consistent guidance for home practice, and follow up in finding resources for me (like links to useful articles) have been great. Working with Rachel has helped me, body and soul! Now that I know exactly what to do for my back and body, I even went trekking in New Zealand and took walking trips in Europe! I highly recommend Rachel, as a true professional who I’m pleased to say has cured my lower back pains completely!”

Joyce, Retired/Cyclist:

“I began working with Rachel after a year-long search for relief from serious back pain. Nothing I tried worked for very long until finally, a friend recommended Rachel. During the consultation I began to feel calm and hopeful. Rachel is very knowledgeable, intuitive, warm and caring. We decided on weekly sessions for a month. I did not have any experience with yoga, so we began very slowly. Much to my amazement, I began to notice that my back was not hurting as much and eventually not at all. I worked with Rachel for just over three years because I was learning so much about my body, the connection between mind and body, and the benefits of meditation. I highly recommend Rachel, a gifted practitioner.”

Stephanie, Recruiter/Mentor:

“I was hesitant about how to start moving my body again. Rachel is nurturing and compassionate in ways that helped me relax, learn to trust and reconnect with myself. Through my work with Rachel I have learned movement as a form of self care, regained trust within myself, and have grown to find my inner goddess! I cannot recommend Rachel enough!”

I came to Rachel with acute low back pain, and she guided me in new ways of moving and strengthening. And it was actually fun! I’ve recovered from my injury and now am equipped with new skills that I’m confident will help me stay pain-free.
— Mona